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The new face of SEO: Answer Engine Optimization

Friday, May 25, 2018
the new face of seo is aeo

There are few reliable truths in this world. Death, taxes, and SEO algorithm changes. It’s hard to keep up with the fleeting whims of Google’s search algorithm, favoring links, mobile pages, good bounce rates, user experience, and more.

But there’s one major aspect of the search engine behemoth that’s relatively new and unexplored.


Resulting from the rise of voice search, Google is now providing answers for a given search query. This is best experienced when users perform a voice query, whether it’s on Siri, Alexa, or Google Now’s platform. Rather than getting a list of responses, users often receive one singular answer.

On a desktop or mobile search, answers are often provided in the form of a knowledge graph, shown below.

Results from a ‘best online review platform’ search. Unsurprisingly, Trustpilot takes the first spot.

Results from a ‘best online review platform’ search. Unsurprisingly, Trustpilot takes the first spot.

Knowledge graphs are highlighted results that are often provide text and image excerpts of a result in the form of an ‘answer’. These show up most often in localized results where the search query is regionally specific. However, more and more often, Google has been playing around with the space, trying to become an answer engine instead of a search engine.

So what should a company do?

We’re glad you asked.

Trustpilot and SEO Consultant Jason Barnard teamed up to put together a new white paper titled The Future of SEO is AEO: A guide to answer engine optimization. In it, we cover some of the major developments in this new space and offer you an 8-point checklist covering the principles and actionable steps you can take to take advantage of this new SEO opportunity.

Download your copy of the report here.

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