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How Carphone Warehouse is building trust through customer experience

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Carphone Warehouse case study

Retention isn’t a one time phenomenon. Don’t spend your time chasing down customers who cancel, or buy from you once and never come back. Take a proactive approach and provide customers with a sterling experience - and high retention rates will follow.

Learn best practices for implementing customer experience, on-going management of customer experience, and the future of customer experience, from the Carphone Warehouse Customer Experience Team.

A positive customer experiences leads to happy customers, increased loyalty, increased customer retention, positive word of mouth, reduced costs, and reduced risk.

But how can you measure your customer’s experience? How can you properly put yourself in your customers’ shoes?

Hear it from the horse’s mouth - as Carphone Warehouse gives step by step examples of how they navigated customer experience challenges to both beat consumer expectations, and provide them with “moments of delight.”

Whether you have a fully established plan for customer experience, or are just starting out, you’ll find our webinar, “How Carphone Warehouse is Building Trust through Customer Experience” extremely valuable. Enjoy!


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