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We’ll crunch the numbers behind your reviews, giving you the insights needed to get the most out of your customer feedback and build a customer-centric business.

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Did you know?

Trustpilot gets over 4 million new reviews every month - that’s a lot of content to analyze!


Your HQ for review performance

Get at-a-glance performance metrics and engage with customers all in one place. Monitor review invitation performance and tweak your strategy accordingly to collect more feedback — because more reviews mean more opportunity for ROI.

Performance Data

Dig into your review data

Gauge customer satisfaction in your reviews over time to keep your customers happy. See analytics segmented by review tags to understand performance in areas that best support your business strategy.

Organic Reach

See exactly how your reviews impact search

View the impressions, position, and click-through rate your business profile page gets in Google results, and track changes over time. Get the full picture on how your customers find you by viewing the top search terms used.

Trustpilot Analytics

Track and improve your performance on Trustpilot

Are your customers happier today than yesterday? Trustpilot Analytics includes a collection of dashboards to track changes in your performance including ratings, star distribution, number of reviews, and TrustScore.

“My favorite feature on Trustpilot - as far as a data nerd - I’d have to say the Dashboard and also the statistics module. It’s a place you can very quickly tap into what’s going on with your feedback and not only have a lot of stats and understanding at your fingertips... but it also makes it really easy to dial in to exactly what’s happening.”

Nathan Reid, uShip

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Review Insights

Machine learning sorts all of your reviews and categorizes customer sentiment by our default options — or your own custom review topics — so you can monitor any changes to customer satisfaction in the areas that are most important to your business.

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Review Tags

Organize your reviews with the tag identifiers that work best for you, like location, sales agent, or vendor. Use them to create highly targeted website widgets on specific pages, or to dig even deeper into your review analytics and insights by key topics.

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Platform Safeguards

Our custom fraud-detection software and full-time Content Integrity Team help protect your brand and our platform from fake reviews and keep things running smoothly.

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