Flag and report reviews

Rest assured your reviews are from real customers

If you see a review that you believe doesn’t meet our guidelines, let us know and we’ll investigate

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Trustpilot’s flagging tools are open to all - both businesses and consumers can flag reviews for investigation.

Report false reviews

Zero tolerance toward fake reviews

On Trustpilot, everyone can flag reviews for investigation. Both companies and consumers can identify what they don’t believe meets our guidelines, and we investigate reports of fraud or misuse of our platform.

Transparent Flagging

Grow the trust in your brand

Transparent Flagging gives insight into what reviews are reported and removed, so your hard-earned reviews have integrity.

Find Reviewer tool

Know your reviews are from real customers

Don’t recognize a reviewer? No worries. Use the Find Reviewer tool to connect with the reviewer so you can find out more about their experience and identify or resolve issues.

Request reference number

Easily link reviews to a specific order

Sometimes it's difficult to recognize a specific experience from reading a review. Companies can request that people include their order or reference number with the review so it’s easy to confirm their experience and respond to their feedback.

"An open conversation means no censorship and no delays. Trustpilot is for everyone because we believe that’s the best way to deliver an honest and representative view of a company’s customer service."

Ausra Mazutaviciene
Director of Privacy

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Customer engagement

Respond to Reviews

Write back to your customers to thank them, solve issues, and show the world that you genuinely care about your customers. Trustpilot makes it easy to keep up with all your reviews with notification emails and smart integrations.

Review Invitations

All you have to do is ask

Our robust selection of review invitation methods means you’ll never miss an opportunity for customer feedback. Start earning more verified reviews more quickly, so you can start celebrating the uptick in ROI.

Review Insights

Make data-driven decisions

Machine learning sorts all of your reviews and categorizes customer sentiment by our default options — or your own custom review topics — so you can monitor any changes to customer satisfaction in the areas that are most important to your business.

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