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The changing landscape of Finance

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Is your business collecting consumer insights?

Listening to your customers has never been so paramount for the financial industry.

Consumers are 50% more likely to say that their level of trust in financial services providers has decreased over the last 3 years. This is hugely important because when you’re dealing in finance, you’re likely dealing in relationships.
They’re entering into what could be a multi-year partnership with your company.

How well you listen determines how well you can actually communicate to your audience, build ever-improving experiences, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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Consumer trust and loyalty go hand in hand.

How finance companies can harness the power of user-generated content to build loyalty.

Consumers are 50% more likely to say their level of trust in financial services providers has fallen over the last three years, while just 17% say they trust financial institutions in a time of crisis. Yet, trust is imperative if you expect customers to share potentially sensitive or confidential information with you. So exactly how can finance brands cut through the noise and build trust and loyalty in an increasingly crowded marketplace?

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"Getting genuine customer feedback is invaluable... it allows us to showcase the positive experience our customers have had and helps us to establish trust in our brand which is central to being able to build an audience. Understanding exactly what our customers think means that we’re able to develop and refine as we grow."

Mart Abramov, Co-founder and CEO


"The past year was eye-opening for many consumers in terms of their personal finances — and it would've been easy for unethical lenders to cash in on their vulnerability during the pandemic. Instead, we made the decision early on to protect our customers from the worst of the impact. They were deeply appreciative and this shines through in our Trustpilot reviews, helping us attract new customers despite these trying times."

Rachel Morgan, Head of Marketing at Moneyboat


"Trustpilot helps companies cut through the noise and point potential customers and partners to verified customer reviews. It’s incredibly valuable to have a way to show people what the actual customer experience is really like."

Jim Shook, CMO

Just Mortgage Brokers

"Online reviews are massively important for everyone. We have higher quality leads. We get more business and more money coming in. Overall, it’s improved morale and made us better as a company."

Rana Miah, Director

See how we help brands build trust

atom bank case study
Atom BankAtom Bank

In this case study, we met with Atom Bank, the UK's first bank built exclusively for mobile, to better understand how finance companies should leverage the voice of the customer. Find out how they achieved their 5-star rating by leveraging reviews and engaging with their customers.

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In this case study, we sat down with Melissa Best, Director of Digital Marketing at TaxSlayer, to better understand why, after positive early results, they opted to double down with Trustpilot content. Interested to know why they decided to showcase their Trustpilot reviews across the entire customer journey? Click here to read more.

Just Mortgage Brokers case study
Just Mortgage BrokersJust Mortgage Brokers

How did Just Mortgage Brokers increased conversions by 57%? By collecting Trustpilot reviews, they managed to build a trusted online reputation with an icredible 5-start TrustScore. If you want to find out how they did it, keep reading.

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